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Kodėl ir kaip?

PulseTip provides a tool that helps you to efficiently define the problem with a pull approach and zero distraction, and monitor the responses through real-time analytics. Visual analytics in a form of weekly reports allows the management & HR to instantly react to feedback and improve the working environment without losses. PulseTip terminals are easily assembled and can be placed anywhere in the company so that employees can take part in the survey answering one question at a time. The employees just have to tap their randomly-picked anonymous NFC cards to start answering the questions. The updated feature of open feedback lets employees to leave their suggestion and commentaries that managers find very useful in solving the issues. Moreover, the specially developed mobile application helps to collect more responses. The size and the design of the stand allow it to fit anywhere in your company, whereas the functions of video and audio integrations make your employees interested to try it out.

Kuo išskirtinis?

One of the main benefits of the solution lies in the total anonymity and security of the responses. Anonymous answers let employees to leave honest feedback and suggestions whereas managers are sure that no one else has the access to the data. PulseTip terminals are maintenance free and supported remotely by our IT team. There is no need to connect the terminal to the corporate WiFi to use it. Unlike the annual employee surveys, pulse surveys help the management to be fast to respond to their employees' complaints, needs, and suggestions.

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