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There are many problems that we are trying to solve: low teacher salaries; decreasing achievements and marks from students; "one-size-fits-all" teaching and learning approach toppled up with overcrowded classes; expensive tutoring systems; non-effective learning, lack of motivation and low participation from students. While other tutoring platforms exist, Mathos stands out as a scientifically validated solution. We not only boost academic performance but also promote a holistic approach to learning. Unlike any other tutoring platform, Mathos boasts a 100% successful match rate, ensuring that every student finds their perfect tutor. From day one, students can anticipate substantial and remarkable improvements in academic performance, motivation, and overall well-being, whilst being financially motivated. By focusing on personal characteristics, motivation, and knowledge levels, our platform strengthens the connection between learners and educators, facilitating a transformative learning experience. On the other hand, the teachers as well are not left behind and forgotten - being paid what they are worth, whilst enjoying it by having the rightful motivated students to teach.

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Mathos is an innovative tutoring platform that has emerged from two years of dedicated scientific research and collaboration with the two largest Lithuanian universities. Our core focus lies in a revolutionary algorithm designed to match students with their ideal teachers based on three fundamental pillars: personal character, motivation, and knowledge levels. This powerful combination ensures an effective and efficient learning journey for every student. With a 100% successful rate, students can expect immediate improvements in marks, motivation, and overall well-being.At the heart of Mathos lies our cutting-edge research and scientifically proven algorithm. We meticulously calculate the main 25 characteristic variables (down from 400 during the start of our research), the big five and other theoretical models and their interactions, leveraging a wealth of data from schools, their rankings, teacher/student achievements, exam scores, marks and many more. Our algorithm also blends internal, external, and combined motivational theoretical models to possibly create a stable pathway not only towards the effective and efficient learning but also towards a possibility of a perfect virtual AI-driven teacher of the future. Backed by an impressive EU grant of 400k EUR, students now have the opportunity to engage in personalized learning experiences tailored to their unique needs. Whether they prefer 1-on-1 sessions, like-minded group studies (up to 6 students), or personalized webinar classes, Mathos has it all covered. And the best part? Students are additionally rewarded for their progress! As improvements are tracked, they receive monthly payments ranging from 50 to 150 euros. We value our teachers as much as our students. Unlike other tutoring platforms, we do not take any commission from our dedicated educators. They are paid what they deserve while experiencing the joy of teaching motivated students. This fair compensation model ensures that teachers are inspired to deliver their best, creating a rewarding and engaging experience for all. Our data-driven approach empowers educators to thrive, leading to a highly engaging and rewarding teaching experience. As we continue to innovate and leverage data, we envision a future where teachers and students alike benefit from cutting-edge advancements in the world of education.

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