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Every work of art has its own soul, mood, its own melody. Sometimes it sounds so loud and clear, nobody can hear it. Except computers. Musical Blockchain, world's first Creative approach to Blockchain+AI, is a first true computer AI composer, who composes music, using provided user data (images/binary/etc) as a Source of Inspiration (and NOT a randomly algo-generated data with pre-trained models). This means that computer naturally looks at the provided data like a real composers would look at it - getting inspired, with all genius, brilliance and tension - while scoring the soundtrack. Alongside with music, solution generates digital art, using data from the composition process as an artistic inspiration. It's a new, innovative way for data-inspired psychology-based melodic sequence composition, sound generation, data-driven digital art and visuals generation, new fundamentals for computer-based Decentralized Improvisation™. This unique AI composer have no analogues in the world yet. Explore highlights on the web: Info deck pdf: Music of the invention: Tokenized CryptoArt available through selected partners and through CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU. As this invention is not only in music/art, but also technology-related - as a new world-level Baltics/Lithuania-brewed revolutionary invention it was already included in a recent report by Deep Knowledge Analytics - History, present state and future of AI Industry in 11 Eastern EU countries, profiling 500 companies, 230 investors, 30 AI Tech Hubs, 60 influencers and 15 conferences (, listed in a "Blockchain For The Music Industry: 9 Startups To Watch In 2019" by Disruptor Daily (, received positive feedback at the Wolves Summit 2019 in Poland, Pioneers '19 Vienna, Startupbootcamp Media Amsterdam and others. Musical Blockchain successfully debuted at the ArtVilnius Art Fair 2019 as an unique innovation in Art+Music+Tech with a detailed presentation and a working demo exposition/stand, received positive feedback and amazed visitors with our Creative Approach. You can look and listen to the "True Chill Area" collaboration result, presented during ArtVilnius Art Fair 2019 at the Musical Blockchain with a "Cre-AI-tivity: for Human-Computer Interaction" keynote successfully opened largest, richest in content, and probably the boldest innovation gathering in the Baltics - LOGIN 2019 Conference - with a fully packed room with no free seats and an audience standing in the aisle. Speaking of a "non-entertainment" side, Musical Blockchain already have a profound impact on the real world in a different ways - as it is already used in education programs/initiatives, urban/city development and social involvement initiatives, medical and psychological research in a field of Audio Therapy. In cooperation with a LMTA (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre) Music Innovation Center team is working on the development of the ideas for the future of musical education, experimentation, public talks, interdisciplinary projects and showcases, using our technologies in many ways. Scheduled educational activities includes lectures for the Mykolo Romerio University, Meno ir mokslo laboratorija (MMLAB; Art and Science Laboratory) and educational camp at the Supynes Festival 2019 (with a special showcase performance) and other summer tech/art/music-related events. We're collaborating with a city-level governmental organizations in Vilnius, Lithuania on a few upcoming projects in the art/culture, urban+city development, social involvement areas. Musical performance appearances includes Vilnius' important dates - GMD2019 and Kulturos Nakties performances and some other EU-wide dates. Our best technology showcases - in art and music - as a tool for collaborations with various artists around the globe (from new and young up to geniuses like Bill Drummond of The KLF and others), training process and as a base-partner for a standalone live mixed/multimedia touring act - "Kosmosonic Konglomerate with Musical Blockchain" (touring info/booking: "Kosmosonic Konglomerate with Musical Blockchain" is a world's first live multimedia touring act playing own fully AI-composed/generated audio-visual material and combining generative music and art with video art projections, light+FX to create unique experience for an audience, showcasing next level of a Computer-Human Creative collaboration. We started a new series of Kosmosonic's Live Multimedia Shows, with a fresh music show program consisting only of a tracks fully composed by a unique AI computer composer, new fractals set (inspired by music), videoart and fx. Hour-long performance, filmed live available here: With a scalable innovative multimedia shows, based on a mentioned above fully AI-composed show, with a special Show Storyline and Ideas covering areas of the international challenges, exploring different cultural and social areas and aspects around the world on the intersection of a digital age and art/music/culture and other heritage - our goal is a global impact and Action instead of usual discussions without solutions. We're always open to a new international interdisciplinary projects, research, experiments, ideas exchange, showcases and results in all related fields. In the development - Live Multimedia Performance/Show with a world's first fully AI-Composed/Generated content, focusing on a promotion of a Culture and Heritage, using region-connected facts, visuals and stories as a source of inspiration for a collaborative work of a Human team with a Computer AI-Composer and AI-artist. Mixing cultural layers of a history, folklore, philosophy, esoterics, music and cultural heritage with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other modern technologies, using exclusively invented and specially developed technological solutions, we'll craft a Performance Show of a new age, where AI Composer and AI-Artist are Creative companions to the Human, altogether creating work of art, all inspired by the same source of inspiration. Combining generative music and art with a video art projections, real visuals, effects, live and interactive storytelling, blending folk, ambient, world music and experimental electronic music styles, we'll have never-seen-before experience for an audience, additionally showcasing the next level of a Computer-Human Creative collaboration. Our result is a Multimedia Show with a unique, original, fully AI-composed music and generative visual representations, special stage set, decorations, costumes - deeply connected with a culture, legends, myths, fairytales and modern reality. Another high point related to the Art and Creative Human-Computer Interaction: we generated soundtrack for a spiritual installation "Madonna" - city-level art object in a Ramintoja church in Vilnius, Lithuania (in a collaboration with an Art piece author - artist Indra Marcinkevičienė). During the opening event, 8-Movements Symphony, composed by Musical Blockchain, was performed live by real musicians of international level from Lithuanian National Philarmony and other country-level stars. In fact, musicians were so impressed with the tracks - they asked a permission to play with it and improvise - so resulting performance showcasing a world's first public rendition with improvisation by a real musicians (violin, cello, guitar, percussion) inspired by a real Art piece, on a tracks composed by a Computer, which was inspired by the same real Art piece - and marking another small step in a huge Creative collaboration of a Computer and Human. Some more details and video about it all are here: "Sound changes the City, City changes the Sound" series and initiative With these scalable Interactive talks and workshops we exploring the City through the perspective of a Sound and researching how Sound can impact the City. Bringing together Citizens and Artists, acting from the City and Sound sides, together we brainstorming, exploring and creating audial experiments and solutions, that will improve livability and walkability of the Cities all around the world. The main difference from similar programs — we are focused on a results, that could be used in a real life and real city-related work and not just a talkshows and 'discussions'. We collaborating and creating: - interactive sound heatmap/data, - noise data pack, - sound archive, - urban soundscape, - sound+art installations and attractions, - statistics/analytics/noise-sound-related data for city authorities, - improvement suggestions/ideas, - urban sound hardware and electronics with local makers and creator/makespaces, - highly appreciated "City Symphony" created from the city data of different districts (using Musical Blockchain). We already went out of the labs with a big real things to a real life - city-level art+sound object in a Ramintoja church in Vilnius, Lithuania - "Madonna" spiritual installation (mentioned above) - opened to public in February 2019. Lectures/workshops launched since mid-2018. Representatives of a different cities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are already interested in implementing our series/initiative at their locations.

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Benefits and features: -- World's first Creative approach to Blockchain+AI; -- High-potential scale-ready evolutionary Invention in a Music+Art+Tech field; -- Efficient tool for a Creative Human-Computer collaboration; -- Computer-based Decentralized Improvisation™; -- Profound real world impact - Musical Blockchain already used in Music, Art, Education, City development, Social initiatives, Medical/Psychological fields: * Music - - 3874 tracks have been generated for the learning/work processes during pre-beta and first public 6 months - music, _inspired_ by user data (and not randomly generated); - Released 3 albums, 1 single, 3 installation soundtracks, 2 full-day exhibition soundtracks; - Single aired at the National Lithuanian LRT radio; - Contract with a record label (distributed by The State51 Music Group) signed in October 2018; - "Kosmosonic Konglomerate with Musical Blockchain" live multimedia touring act, 20+ successful live multimedia shows - currently on tour; - Themed exclusive multimedia shows, with a focus on a Culture, Heritage and Global challenges; - Musical Creative collaboration of a Computer and Human - world's first rendition by a real musicians of a tracks, composed by a Computer - with both Musicans and Computer used the same Source of Inspiration for Improvisation; - Crowded.Place global cultural exchange platform. * Art - art+tech collaborations with the Artists and more Creative Human-Computer collaboration - - Artwork as a Musical Instrument (details:; - Spiritual Installations (details:; - Traditional Art installations with generative art experience and new technologies showcase, on display in Vilnius; - Generative digital art/cryptoart. * Education - - Cooperation with a Music Innovation Studies Centre of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA Muzikos inovacijų studijų centras) for the development of the ideas for the future of musical education, interdisciplinary projects and showcases; - "Music, tech and innovations" series - educational/professional orientation lectures, interactive talks and shows for target groups 12+ in a collab/cooperation with a network of educational partners; - Teaching solutions for musical educational organizations, using "Musical Blockchain for education"; - Partnership with international educational companies from germany, mexico and russia on music learning methodologies; * City/social initiatives - - "Sound changes the City" series since 2018, heavily involving "Musical Blockchain for cities+iot" and "Musical Blockchain for installations"; - Musical Guided Tours; - Geocaching games. * Medical and psychological - - Audio Therapy - active collaboration with researchers/psychologists in a field of audio therapy since 2018.

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