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Musical Blockchain™ – world's first psychology-based AI Music Composer

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Quick facts about Musical Blockchain™: a) Musical Blockchain™ is a world's first psychology-based AI Music Composer. b) Musical Blockchain™ composing music relevant to the Source of Inspiration. c) Musical Blockchain™ using Blockchain-based Decentralized Improvisation™ with Proof of Harmony (PoH) multi-node consensus algorithm. d) Musical Blockchain™ is a fundamental Flagship technology of the FAYR Ecosystem (www.fayr.org). e) In 2020 Musical Blockchain™ still have no analogues in the world yet. ----- Let's go deeper: Musical Blockchain™ – world's first psychology-based AI Music Composer with an innovative way for data-inspired psychology-based melodic sequence composition, sound generation, data-driven digital art and visuals generation, new fundamentals for computer-based Decentralized Improvisation™ with Proof of Harmony (PoH) multi-node consensus algorithm. Musical Blockchain™ is using information as a Source of Inspiration for the following Decentralized Improvisation utilizing Blockchain technology and a Proof of Harmony (PoH) multi-node consensus algorithm. Music composed using unique Psychological Matrix™, compiled with CV-methods and nonstructural data analysis to create musical patterns and mathematical models for several CNNs, then used to create probabilistic graphical model of emotional markers to add human-like performer behavior. Additional Machine Learning algorithms used for the data analysis and deep learning of the natural-like inspiration. This unique AI composer still have no analogues in the world yet. Info, news, updates and more: https://musicalblockchain.com/ Sample demo Music of the Invention: soundcloud.com/musicalblockchain/ Info deck: musicalblockchain.com/musicalblockchain-overview_highlights.pdf ----- Latest highlights for Musical Blockchain™: - New AutoREZNR Edition of the Musical Blockchain™ for the TV/Movie industry used for the soundtrack creation. We collaborated with film companies from US/UK and generated tracks for TV-series and movies on their request. We're generating soundtracks on request for clients, as well as using this AutoREZNR Edition in own projects, like in CryptoDocumentary (2020) - film by Gleb Divov, currently in production. This documentary covering current state of the Digital Art and CryptoArt Scene in the mid-2020. Blockchain Art in its nature. Info and trailer: www.fayr.org/cryptodocumentary/ - Generative Digital Art by Musical Blockchain™ was selected for the Vilnius Municipality/GoVilnius-supported online virtual gallery "Menas be stogo - 100 kūrinių Vilniaus centre". AI-generated digital art reaching wide audiences. - Musical Blockchain™ team presented AI Songbook™ - first Songbook ever composed completely by Artificial Intelligence Composer Musical Blockchain™, using input data as the Source of Inspiration. - Kosmosonic Konglomerate with Musical Blockchain™ – Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) showcase - "Artificialive" multimedia touring act. Showcasing the next level of machine-human creative collaboration. We're continuing improving Human-Computer Interaction showcase even in COVID19 times - keep your morale up high & look at difficulties with a sense of humour - check out one of the latest test examples (in Lithuanian!) from our team - https://youtu.be/gwoiTLCTc9s - New Musical Blockchain™ technology with XR (VR/AR) layering was approved by the founding team as one of the working tools for European Art & Research Center KARA AGORA. - New prototype of the Musical Blockchain™-based studio AI musical instrument - DiagonalFarm. - Currently in beta - moodStreamBox™ - background music solution IoT device and hardware-unlocked platform for copyright-free AI-composed music streaming subscriptions for offline businesses, public spaces, venues and more. - We're continuing contributing to the Art-Science field and international collaborations. Our Art-Science experiment with the PlanetSenseBox™ and Musical Blockchain™ conducted in September 2019 in Minsk, Belarus is covered in the Belarusian MASTACTVA Magazine 11/2019. - Musical Blockchain™ as Social innovation tool and a a Culture+Tech invention mentioned in Playboy Magazine #51 Winter 2020. - In October 2019 Musical Blockchain™ ranked #44 in the Baltic Startup Brand Ranking. - Musical Blockchain™ has been crowned "Best AI-Powered Music Composing Solutions Provider 2019" in the 2019 Artificial Intelligence Awards by Wealth & Finance International. - Creative AI Showcase in Germany - in October 2019, for the 1st time in a history of the mankind - tracks composed by AI were re-thought and played in a solo concert by American Piano Virtuoso Brayden Drevlow along with compositions of a great masters Liszt, Gershwin and others. - In September 2019 we presented AI Vilnius City Symphony Live. - Educational initiatives by the team under "Culture/Innovations" umbrella utilizing Musical Blockchain™ and our other in-house developed methodologies and AI solutions for STEAM education. Among our activities and initiatives: * STEAM educational programs and products for Children * Programs supporting Women In Tech * Programs supporting Women In Music * Collaborations with Educational Institutions * Blockchain + Culture Education - AI Tools for Kids' Creativity - in November 2019 we conducted Musical Laboratory for Children with the Musical Blockchain™. ----- What else approves team's Eternal Creative Approach deeper than just a whitepaper & meaningful working product? Only personal, active presence of the founders themselves in the Creative Industry! * Gleb Divov is a co-founder & curator of European Art & Research Center KARA AGORA. Read the interview w/ KARA AGORA's founding team: https://www.culturalfoundation.eu/library/cosround1-kara-agora * Gleb Divov is curating Bill Drummond’s (The KLF) The Curfew Tower Residency in Northern Ireland. -----

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Profound real world impact: music, art, tv/movie industry, education, city/social initiatives, medical/psychological (Audio Therapy) and other fields/industries. Advantages: - Pushing the limits and evangelizing Creative AI. - Promoting Lithuania/Republic of Užupis-created inventions/innovations worldwide. - High-potential scale-ready revolutionary Invention in a Culture+Tech field. - Efficient tools for a Creative Human-Computer collaboration. - Computer-based Decentralized Improvisation™. - Still world's first Creative approach to Blockchain+AI. - Musical Blockchain™ now is a Fundamental Flagship technology for the FAYR Ecosystem's (www.fayr.org) Flagship Projects. Efficiency: - Reducing costs on relevant musical and graphical content creation; - New tech solutions for Education; - New sonic/sound-focused tech solutions for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries; - New sound-related AI solutions for medical/psychological/audio therapy fields; - Sparking Creativity in the studio with Creative Human-Computer collaboration and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); - International collaborations; - Social inclusion initiatives; - Inspiring new artists and technologists; - and more.

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