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GalleryBox™ by Digital/Culture Center and CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU

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GalleryBox™ – complex mobile plug-n-play Digital Art/Media Art hardware and software/platform multiverse solution for the physical Galleries with VR "rewind-repeat" gallery in VR space, immersive experiences and digital art/media art-enabled mobile pop-up happenings. It is created for popularization of the Digital Art, curated digital artwork collections showcase, popularization of the Blockchain-enabled Art galleries and enabling additional revenue streams for the physical Galleries in the modern age. GalleryBox™ already used during various international activities of the Digital/Culture Center and now is a main technological solution for the first permanent physical digital art and media art multiverse gallery in the Baltic States/EU, which is scheduled to be open for the general public on August 01, 2020. Press release and additional information is scheduled to be published on July 23, 2020. Digital/Culture Center - decentralized virtual platform and organization dedicated to the educational activities, bleeding edge technologies in the Art and Culture (AI, Blockchain, XR [ VR, AR, MR ] and more), popularization of the Digital/Media Art, Blockchain Art/CryptoArt, Culture + Tech and Art + Science fusions, inspiration and inclusion of a new wave of local and international Digital Artists, collectors and surrounding community. Having a mobile physical and virtual space and a worldwide international community, it is created for a worldwide mobile Hub Space with Events, Meetings, Ideas exchange, Educational activities for kids and adults – Culture and Blockchain education, Networking and more. Digital/Culture Center is promoting Lithuania as a global Digital/Crypto Art + Culture hub of the Baltics region. International partners of the Digital/Culture Center include names like ArtComTec (FR/IL), OK16 (BY), MOCDA (UK), KnownOrigin (UK) and others. CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU – is a special division of the Digital/Culture Center, dedicated to the Culture + Blockchain activities and representation of the Local Artists in a global CryptoArt and Digital Art community. Digital/Culture Center and CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU are operated by the Crowded.Place family. General benefits and capabilities for Digital/Culture Center and CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU: - Mobile space + worldwide international community. - Bleeding edge technologies in the Art and Culture: AI, Blockchain, XR [ VR, AR, MR ] and more. - New wave of local, unique Digital Artists. - Popularization of Digital Art, Blockchain Art, Culture + Tech, Science + Art. - Educational activities/initiatives. - Culture and Blockchain education. - Digital/Culture Events. - Meetings and Ideas exchange. - Networking.

Kuo išskirtinis?

Advantages of the GalleryBox™: - Simple mobile plug-and-play solution. - Wide popularization of Digital Art and Media Art. - Blockchain/CryptoArt-enabled. - Direct Artist support. - Additional revenue stream for a physical Galleries (where available). - Curated collections. Real use cases of the GalleryBox™: - Installations / Pop-up installations. - Pop-up exhibitions. - Main technological solution for the first permanent physical digital art and media art multiverse gallery in the Baltic States/EU, with additional VR representation. It is a first true multiverse gallery - with physical hd-screens in a real world in a physical gallery space and VR "rewind-repeat" gallery in VR space. Digital/Culture Center and CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU activities: - Promoting Lithuania as a main global Digital/Crypto Art + Culture hub of the Baltics region. - Worldwide exposure of featured Artists. - International Cultural Exchange. - Educational Initiatives. - Culture + Technologies Events. - Masterclasses/workshops. - Physical + Virtual pop-up and permanent Exhibitions. - Laboratory and more. - Hosting events for a wide range of audiences. - Educational/gamification-enabled initiatives for kids. - Social responsibility: involvement and knowledge sharing. - International Digital/Culture festivals and global events. - Pop-up Exhibitions. - International talent attraction. - Artists support. - Residencies. Among educational activities/initiatives, combined with FAYR Ecosystem’s STEAM educational activities under "Culture/Innovations" umbrella (also utilizing our in-house developed methodologies and AI solutions for education): - Educational programs and products for children. - Programs supporting Women In Tech. - Programs supporting Women In Music. - Events, lectures, masterclasses and workshops. - Collaborations with Educational Institutions.

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