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Digital//Kalnas / NFT Multiverse Gallery Network

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On the 1st of August, 2020 we launched "Digital//Kalnas" - world’s first permanent physical multiverse blockchain/NFT-enabled digital art/media art gallery with a VR "rewind-repeat" experience and optional XR extensions. It is the first gallery in the global Multiverse Gallery Network.

Kuo išskirtinis?

We've opened the physical (yes, in a real-world gallery space) digital art Multiverse NFT/Blockchain-enabled gallery. Why multiverse? Because we're fusing multiple universes - real gallery space, physical screen panels, new technologies and innovations for digital/media art, NFT/Blockchain monetization, VR space with "rewind-repeat" experience (which making it almost impossible to miss every new exhibition anywhere in the world) and optional XR extensions. And thus making it world's first. We've opened this gallery and contributing to the popularization of the modern digital art, media art, blockchain art and cryptoart, showcasing XR, and covering topics of Art+Tech, Culture+Tech and Art+Science. And of course - educational activities, cultural events for a wide range of audiences, open calls, international festivals and other interesting stuff included. We've opened this gallery, because we believe that real-world example and activities will inspire and motivate new generation of modern digital Artists - and we're definitely counting on young and aspiring local modern Artists. GalleryBox/GalleryFrame hardware and a platform for curated collections could be easily set up in any space - like we already did in the basement of the XIXth century manor or in the historical spaces of Vilnius. Prior to the opening of the Digital//Kalnas we've effectively demonstrated that with a pop-up NFT exhibitions in 2018 and a 3-day digital art/NFT exposition during Lokacija Festival in the Town Hall square of Vilnius with GalleryCube pavilion. It is also worth mentioning, that the first Lithuanian NFT was on display at that exhibitions. Out of space, just imagine a social revolution could be easily made with it - transforming old library/gallery spaces in a small cities into a modern Art+Tech/Art+Science centers attracting youth and inspiring/motivating them to become new aspiring Artists and Scientists! We've opened this blockchain-enabled gallery, because we're empowering Artists with knowledge and tools that will help them monetize their Art and connect them directly with Collectors and Art lovers. And not only that. We've opened the first gallery of the international network of the multiverse blockchain-enabled galleries - Multiverse Gallery Network. And this network will allow us to make global multiverse "exhibition tours" for local and international Artists, promoting their art all over the world. We've opened this gallery, because together with our international partners we're able to provide support for a whole life-cycle of the Digital Art - from the workshops on the favorite Digital Art creation program of the Artists to the beautiful frame on the wall at your home displaying your very personal Digital Art collection. And we're even inspiring and involving the Makers community, providing them with open-source DIY digital art frames. Our upcoming special GalleryBox for Art Discovery subscription would allow to popularize Digital Art even more. In July 2020 earnings of the Digital Art Artists exceeded 1M Euro (and that's only on selected platforms), proving that it's no longer a geeky playground. Also in 2020 - Lithuanian generative digital artwork (and later - NFT) was selected to be on display at the Meno Be Stogo gallery ("Madonna as AI see" work of art). We've opened this gallery to help local artists increase that number and participate in a global modern art world. We've opened Digital//Kalnas Multiverse NFT/Blockchain-enabled Gallery and that's only a beginning of the Digital Art revolution. And we're happy to be the first to contribute like that. Digital//Kalnas and Multiverse Gallery Network are the Flagship Projects of the FAYR Ecosystem. FAYR Ecosystem is an international Ecosystem of interconnected projects, creating pioneering innovations at the intersection of Technologies with the Culture, Music, Art, Education, Psychology/Healthcare and other areas and industries. Explore: https://www.fayr.org/

Video nuoroda: https://www.lrt.lt/mediateka/irasas/2000116746/labas-rytas-lietuva-sestadienis-i-d-lietuva-isgarsine

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