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SPEAK Kaunas

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Kodėl ir kaip?

SPEAK is a social tech startup from Portugal that connects migrants, refugees and locals in the same city through language and culture exchange experiences. SPEAK follows an Online2Offline (O2O) model - members sign up on our web platform ( or mobile app to learn or help others learn a language and the experience happens in groups that meet for 12 sessions of 90 minutes, either online or offline. Through our learning methodology locals and newcomers stand as equals and create informal support networks. SPEAK platform has over 44,000 users from 197 different nationalities. Since 2014, SPEAK has organized over 3,250 language groups with a total of 60.000 hours of language and culture exchange. SPEAK is a Global Network of 25 inclusive cities and SPEAK Kaunas has joined the network in 2020. Since then Kaunas team have organized 43 language groups and reached more than 350 users with 64 different nationalities. (We are applying as SPEAK Kaunas team)

Kuo išskirtinis?

SPEAK is a community-based solution, offering a language and culture exchange program as a means to bring newcomers and locals together. SPEAK’s approach places migrants and refugees as bridge builders and ambassadors for cultural dialogue in their communities, empowering them to take action, as they are not only guests or receivers anymore; while also providing them with an informal support network upon their arrival, helping to break up the systemic vicious circle of isolation. Our Online2Offline model makes for the most efficient use of resources and is geared toward growth because it uses technology to scale impact. Applications and payments take place online, while the learning and sharing experience can happen online or offline, in the real world.

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