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Kodėl ir kaip?

It is well known that 97% of the funding goes to large International Non-Governmental Organizations or NGOs. However, 50% of that is actually spent on their own staff salaries and operation costs. This is because they are hiring high-cost experts to write grants and do the necessary reporting. And only 3% goes to NGOs that are working directly with the local communities. That is why we created Portal365, which is a grant writing and management system for NGOs. A software Platform that helps NGOs to develop the grant proposal in a few hours instead of spending weeks to months in writing a single proposal. The system is optimized for humanitarian/development project management, monitoring and reporting to enable NGOs to be very efficient and get a one-click report for their achievements whenever they need to. The purpose of portal365 is to enable both large NGOs to decrease their operating costs and also the small NGOs working directly with local communities to have more opportunities to get the required funding in order to create a positive impact in their communities. The system is available in different packages: • Programs: the strategic plan of the NGO and standardized activities and indicators agreed by most global funding agencies that are supporting humanitarian and development agencies. • Proposals: All grants developed or still under development. • Management, monitoring and reporting: NGOs could manage and monitor the project progress in detail with dividing the tasks and upload their reports in their respective activities space. • HR: NGO staff could do their annual objectives and receive reviews from their direct supervisors easily and timely. • Procurement and Warehouse management: NGOs could manage all their procurement and warehouse processes and tasks interactively in the same system.

Kuo išskirtinis?

There are 10 million NGOs worldwide working every day to make the world a better place. However, they are struggling every day to get funding and to keep a sustainable impact in their communities. We launched the 1st version of the system on August 2018 in Yemen, and since then, we had scaled to Turkey, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and the UK. Portal365 is incorporated in Lithuania and now we are preparing to enter the European market. We already started working with 130 NGOs using the trial version of the software and 15 paying customers. There is a huge need to Portal365, as the sector is growing very fast and NGOs are currently managing 3-7% of the economy in each country.

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