WePower UAB

Kur galima rasti sprendimą: https://wepower.network/ Platform Alpha Version1- https://platform.wepower.network/auctions

Kodėl ir kaip?

At present, some of the agreements necessary to unlock financing for new renewable energy projects – from Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to so-called Firming Contracts – can take decades to be settled. And they are available only to large corporates with the ability to buy 100% of the power generated by a given project. WePower blockchain-based platform, however, enables project developers to become bankable and obtain necessary capital by selling their future energy production directly to an aggregated group of the energy consumers or investors upfront.

Kuo išskirtinis?

WePower comes to the market at a crucial time. Due to a drop in subsidies and increased renewable energy development competing at market price, banks started increasing demand for own capital (decreasing debt to capital ratio). It moved from 80:20 to close to 50:50 ratio for newly developed renewable energy projects. Equity capital became a limited source of financing contributing to a plunge of -23% YoY in investment due to smaller leverages. Moreover, the institutional investors requested developers to provide offtake agreements with energy buyers in order to de-risk their investments. We connect developers and buyers to solve these problems and provide opportunity for the energy buyers to hedge the electricity price. We are bringing technology to the market dominated by old energy companies. Main challenge for us is to simplify a complicated energy procurement process. We are going to show that energy procurement process can be easy, fun and beneficial both for the energy buyer and our planet.

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