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Hive5 | Bees Farming Goes Digital

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Kodėl ir kaip?

Hive5 is a Plug & Play bee hives data collection and monitoring assistant innovation. Hive5 is an integrated hardware and software solution that supports from 1 to 250 bee hives in your farm. ​ Remote Accessibility 24/7 Live data from weight, humidity, temperature sensors, location, AI data analysis on a mobile device dashboard for proactive decisions round the clock. ​ Business Optimisation Get notifications, reports and insights when to check hives, expand families and collect production. ​ Security Get a threat alert if something unusual is happening with a hive.

Kuo išskirtinis?

Hive5 is the first of its kind daily activities of beekeepers assistant backed by edge technology. We think big and in sustainable way: AI based Big data collection with the purpose to analyse climate change impact on biodiversity, enhance remote bee farms maintenance and mitigate extinction threats in most bee populate regions in Europe, North America, India, China, Australia.

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